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    A production of UL, CSA, CCC electronics, power lines of the company

    Including TPU, XLPE, XLPVC, PVC and other materials of the wire

    wenchang electronic

    wenchang electronic

    All products are in accordance with the quality management system and environmental management system to implement strict control and management, has achieved very good results. In response to the requirements of environmental organizations around the world, I Division of all products to meet the EU ROHS environmental requirements. But also to meet customer requirements to produce a higher level of environmental protection products, including non-phthalates (21P), PAHS, REACH, halogen-free products.

    The company has high-quality professional and technical management personnel and sound development plan. Easy on time delivery and customer satisfaction after-sales service, Formed from the development of design to manufacturing, processing production through-train service. We firmly believe that, with our expertise in the wire and cable, Can give your company a better service. Let us become a common development of the partners, to join hands in creating a better tomorrow.

    Into the wenchang

    DONGGUAN WENCHANG ELECTRONIC CO., LTD.The company was established in early 2007, is a wholly domestic-owned enterprises, located in Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, located in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan corridor center of the Pearl River, Traffic is very convenient. The company of "customer first, quality first," the purpose of serving customers, in the predecessor of Humen Weili plant support, the majority of customers by the full support and recognition, has continued to grow and develop.

    I Division in the efforts of all staff made the United States UL product certification, Canada CSA product certification, the German VDE product certification, China CCC product certification and SGS ISO9001 quality management system certification, IATF16949 vehicle quality management system certification, HSPMQC080000 hazardous substances management system certification. Our company specializes in the production of UL, CSA, CCC certified electronic wire, power cord, including TPU, XLPE, XLPVC, PVC and other materials, At the same time production and processing all kinds of cable, rainbow line, multi-core line and audio and video lines.

    wenchang electronic