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  • Industrial robots with wires

    Conductor using fine tinned oxygen-free copper wire to ensure that the wire of the conductive wire, bending resistance, corrosion resistance

    Car line

    Low-voltage electrical wiring for cars, especially for high temperature or cold line environment

    Good wire, wenchang made

    In strict accordance with national standards of production, professional line done

  • Products are widely used in industrial robots, automobiles, telecommunications, electricity and other industries
  • Robot cable solutions
    Robot cable solutions
    In the industrial environment to do connection control, dry or humid indoor environment can make the cable longer life. The cable uses a special PUR for the jacket material...
    car cable solutions
    car cable solutions
    In the automotive wiring harness two-dimensional product drawings come out, to arrange the wiring harness production process, the process is to serve the two inseparable...
    Communication solution
    The communication line is a modular, highly flexible building or between the buildings of the information transmission channel...
    Towline cable solution
    Towline cable solution
    Towline cable as a category of wire and cable, widely used, excellent performance, are high-end cable, the process is complex, demanding...
    Electronic wire solution
    Electronic wire solution
    The requirements for the wire include both electrical and mechanical properties. The current carrying capacity of the wire should meet the requirements of the line load, and leave a margin...
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    How to identify the building security fake cable?
    PVC jacket: the surface can be seen inside the compilation of a regular "uneven", indicating that the processing technology is good...