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    Development Trend of Wire and Cable Industry

    The power industry has long been a pillar industry in our country and occupies an important position in the national economy. With the rapid development of China's economy since the 90s of last century, wire and cable manufacturing industry as an important part of the power industry chain also followed the vigorous development, especially in recent years, China's economic development in the face of energy and power bottlenecks , The state continued to increase investment in electricity, making the industry into a leap in the development period.
    China's power industry for a long time there is "heavy power, light power grid" phenomenon, power and power grid ratio of 7: 3, while the proportion of developed countries is basically 5: 5, followed by the power transmission battery neck to the power Supply constraints, which is bound to the power grid construction has brought good opportunities for development.
    Power cable manufacturing industry belongs to the power transmission equipment industry, its technical content is relatively low, low barriers to entry, the user is mainly the State Grid Corporation, this market structure led to a number of equipment suppliers pricing capacity part of the loss, the entire industry through the fast After the expansion of raw materials prices facing the problem, the industry increasingly fierce competition, profits show a downward trend; secondary power transmission equipment industry is a cyclical fluctuations in the relatively small industry, which involves high-tech areas, high technical barriers, by a few Big company monopoly. In view of China's power industry development prospects, wire and cable manufacturing industry as its sub-industry in the environment to promote the still has a better space for development.