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    Installation of cable waterproof connector installation precautions

    Cable waterproof connector can be applied to the water environment, providing a safe and reliable connector connector, the most important thing is to achieve the effect of waterproof, then the cable waterproof connector in the installation and use of the process need to pay attention to what?
    1, according to the need for cable connector model specifications to buy the appropriate connector material, and now the cable connector material quality is uneven, but in order to ensure the quality of cable joints, it is recommended not to seek cheap, the best choice of quality reliable cable connector manufacturers of materials.
    2, the cable connector is best not to choose rainy days, because the cable water will seriously affect the service life of the cable, serious or even short-circuit accidents.
    3, the production of cable waterproof connector must be carefully read before the manufacturers of product brochures, which for 10kV and above cables, is particularly important to do before all the processes are ready to do.
    4,10kV or more single-core armored cable terminal fittings, remember that only one end of the steel belt grounding.
    5, copper tube suppression can not be too hard, as long as the pressure in place can be, after the pressure of the copper side is bound to have a lot of raised points, this must use the file level, can not leave any burr.
    6, heat shrink cable connector in the use of torch, pay attention to the torch to move back and forth, not only in the direction of a continuous torch.
    7, the size of the cooling cable connector must be strictly in accordance with the instructions to do, especially when the support of the tube out of the support, but also to be careful.