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    Robot body structure is the body structure and mechanical transmission system, but also the basis of the support of the robot and the implementing agencies.
    The internal cable of the robot body should have the characteristics of high strength and torsion resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance and tensile resistance. I provide the latest high flexibility PUR shield robot cable R0BOT-CP 622 robot dedicated cable design, manufacturing, cable installation and guidance work.
    In the industrial environment to do connection control, dry or humid indoor environment can make the cable longer life. The cable is made of special PUR sheath material, has good resistance to oil, bending resistance, anti-wear properties, anti-microbial, anti-hydrolysis, anti-chemical corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, protective cable from mechanical stress damage. When the external electromagnetic interference, it is recommended to use shielded cable to ensure the stability of the cable system.
    product structure
    Conductor: multi-strand fine composite twisted bare copper wire, in line with IEC 60228 / VDE 0295, 6 class conductor / super 6 class conductor
    Insulation: special PVC mixed materials or PE and XLPE
    Core: core stranded into a cable, the core color in line with VDE 0293
    JZ black core white digital code with yellow-green wire
    JB color core with yellow and green wire
    OZ black core white digital code without yellow-green wire
    OB color line without yellow-green wire
    Outer sheath: high strength elastic PUR mixture
    Outer jacket color: black / gray / orange (oil)