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    What are the materials used in the structure of cable wires?

    In the wire and cable contained in the structure is also very much, there is for each of its structure is used in the material is different, that in order to let everyone know more about it, let us come Take a look at the different structure of its introduction, there is the material used to introduce.
    First, wire and make material
    The wire is an important structural trace in the wire and cable. It is also an important component of the information transmission. The conductive wire used in the wire structure also has a good transmission effect. Normally it is made of copper and aluminum. , Copper clad steel and copper clad aluminum and other metal materials to complete the processing of the production.
    Second, the insulation and the production of materials
    Insulation is also an important component of the entire cable structure, and its main role is to cover the metal components around the wire, to ensure that the current transfer process will not flow to the outside, but also to ensure that we use In the process of security, that for this structure it can be used in the type of material is also very much, as it can be used polypropylene PP, there is also the use of rubber and paper, there is also available PVC and other materials.
    Third, fill the structure and make the material
    The filling structure is mainly an important component of the cable product used for filling. We all know that if there is no filling structure in the production of the cable products, the shape will not be rounded, and there will be between the internal insulation lines. There is a large gap, for the overall structure and use are very unfavorable, if these fill structure will make the appearance of the cable more of the garden, but also more in line with the use of the user, it The processing material used is mainly for the PP rope.
    Fourth, shield and sheath
    Also in the wire and cable products in the shield and the protective layer is also part of its structure, the shield is mainly to play the cable products in the electromagnetic field and the external magnetic field isolation role, that for the protection layer is mainly to ensure that the cable The installation of the product to run more secure, shielding the production operations are mainly bare copper and copper clad steel wire, which for the processing of the material is mainly PVC and rubber.