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    Three points to prevent the wire overload and fire

    1, in the process of line design, should accurately verify the capacity of the site, taking full account of the possibility of new capacity, select the appropriate type of wire. Large capacity, should choose thicker wire. Line design, reasonable selection is the key step to prevent overload. If the design of improper selection, will leave difficult to rectify the congenital hidden dangers. Some small projects, places do not seriously design selection. Free to choose, laying lines, which is very dangerous. New appliances, electrical equipment should take full account of the original line of capacity. The original line does not meet the requirements, should be re-designed, transformation.
    2, the line should be in accordance with the relevant regulatory requirements, so that the construction of electrician qualified personnel laying. Line laying conditions directly affect the wire heat dissipation. In general, the line laying should not be through easy, combustible material, stacking, which will lead to poor heat dissipation of the wire, heat accumulation, resulting in the possibility of igniting the surrounding combustible items, increased the risk of fire caused by overload; Public recreation area decoration ceiling laying lines should wear steel pipe protection, so that the ceiling and the line separated, in the overload, short circuit, etc. even if there is no drop of beads will be to avoid the fire.
    3, to strengthen the management of electricity, to avoid random wiring, chaos, careful use of mobile sockets. Chaos wiring, chaos line, the use of mobile outlet is actually in a section of the line to add electrical equipment, increased the amount of current which may cause overload. Mobile jack jack is significantly more than the wall of the fixed socket, if the mobile outlet on the use of excessive electrical equipment, the original line must be unbearable.