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    Detection and Judgment of Fault of Wire Harness

    A group of metal wires and cables are tied together to carry the connection between the signal and the power supply. Is the car circuit connected to the electrical equipment wiring components, by the insulation jacket, terminals, wires and insulation materials and other components.
    (1) detection and determination of the failure of the wiring harness
    Wire harness burned, are happening, and the burning speed is very fast, burned the line, the general no insurance device. The law of the wiring harness is: in the circuit of the power supply system, where the ground wire, the wiring harness burned where the burned and intact parts of the junction, you can wire for the wire; if the wire bundle burned To the wiring of an electrical equipment, it indicates that the electrical equipment is faulty.
    (2) between the lines of short circuit, open circuit, contact with bad fault detection and determination - the wire beam by the external extrusion, shock, causing the wire harness insulation layer damage, resulting in short circuit between the wires, so that some electrical equipment out of control , Fuse blown.
    When judging, you can open the electrical equipment and control switch two really a wire harness connector, with a meter or test light to detect the short circuit of the line.
    Wire break fault, in addition to significant fracture phenomenon, the common fault occurred in the wire and the wire between the terminals. Some wires are broken, the outer insulation layer and the wire terminal is intact, but the wire inner wire and the wire terminal are broken. When the judgment is made, it is possible to confirm that the wire has been broken during the tensile test, if the conductor insulation layer is tapered during the tensile test.
    Poor line contact, fault occurred in the connector. When the fault occurs, it will cause the electrical equipment can not work properly. When the electrical device is turned on, the electrical device is connected, touched or pulled about the connector of the electrical equipment. When the connector is touched, the work of the electrical equipment is normal and not normal, indicating that the connector failure.