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          The communication line is a modular, highly flexible building or communication channel between buildings. Through which voice equipment, data devices, switching equipment and a variety of control equipment and information management system to connect, but also make these devices connected with the external communication network communication lines. It also includes all cables and associated connection between the connection point of the building's external network or the telecommunication line and the application system equipment.
          The communication line system is an information transmission system within a building or complex. It connects voice and data communications equipment, switch equipment, information management systems and equipment control systems, security systems to each other, and also connects these devices to external communication networks. It includes all connections between the building to the external network or telephone office lines, and all the cables between the voice and data terminals of the work area and the associated communication line components. Communication line system consists of different series of components, including: transmission media, line management hardware, connectors, sockets, plugs, adapters, transmission of electronic circuits, electrical protection equipment and support hardware.